The Pregnancy Due Date Calculator is a tool that aims at predicting the estimated date of delivery (EDD) for expecting parents. This anticipated date helps with planning for healthcare professionals and parents-to-be. Though only about 4% of babies are born precisely on their EDD, the estimate serves as an effective guideline.

This calculator is allow calculations based on both the first day of the last menstrual period (LMP) and the conception date. The formulas used are:

Calculation Method Formula
LMP LMP + 1 year – 3 months + 7 days
Conception Date Conception Date + 266 days

The first formula, based on Naegele's Rule, presumes a 28-day menstrual cycle with ovulation occurring on day 14. The second formula adds 266 days (approximately 38 weeks, the length of pregnancy from conception) to the conception date. These calculations work best for women with regular menstrual cycles and precise conception dates.

Here's a helpful guide to the pregnancy trimesters:
Trimester Duration
First Trimester 1 week to 12 weeks
Second Trimester 13 weeks to 26 weeks
Third Trimester 27 weeks to birth

Understanding the pregnancy timeline aids in preparation for various stages of gestation and comprehension of fetal development. Nonetheless, the Pregnancy Due Date Calculator should serve as a guide, not a substitute for professional medical advice.

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