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Word Counter is a user-friendly tool that provides comprehensive details about your text. It dives deep into text elements like words, sentences, and paragraphs, offering an estimated reading and speaking duration. It's a valuable asset for writers, editors, students, or anyone who seeks to monitor their text's structure and length meticulously.

Word Counter calculate the followings:

Feature Description
Character Count Displays the total number of characters, with and without spaces.
Whitespace Count Offers the count of spaces in your text.
Word Count Calculates all the space-separated strings in the text.
Unique Word Count Shows the number of unique words regardless of their case.
Sentence Count Counts all the sequences separated by end punctuation like periods, exclamation points, and question marks.
Line Count Displays the count of lines separated by line breaks.
Paragraph Count Counts all the sequences separated by multiple line breaks.
Syllable Count Shows the count of syllables in the words in your text.
Estimated Reading Time Offers an estimate of the reading duration, assuming a speed of 200 words per minute.
Estimated Speaking Time Estimates the speaking duration, based on an average speed of 125 words per minute.

The tool updates the metrics in real-time as you type or edit the text. While Word Counter is excellent for a numerical breakdown of your text, it doesn't evaluate elements like style, tone, or clarity.

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